Go Pro 4 Black

3 Batteries                        1 Charger
Nano Grip
        Day                       Week
        £30                       £120
Go Pro Nano
3 Batteries                     1 Charger
1 VariFocal HD Lens      Nano Grip
          £75                          £300
2 Batteries                     1 Charger
1 VariFocal 4/3Lens      Nano Grip
          £125                        £500


  3 Go Pro Nano      Nano Grip                                                       
 Timecode Ext Sync   3Micro SD  Cards
  Full Audio Kit:
  2 Radio Mics 1 Mixer/Recorder 2 Mini   
  2Fx Mic
 £400                        £1800
 £70/extraCam        £280/extraCam
Picture Coming soon.
  1 Go Pro Nano                                                                  
  Micro Long Play Power
  1 Mini Audio Recorder with
  1 Mini Mic                        Nano Grip
 £150                        £600
 £70/extraCam      £280/extraCam

The Kits above, can be adapted for different types for of moving objects. Kit costs are the same, unless the grip is bespoke.


Nano AquaBot
1 ROV            100m Tether     1 Surface Monitor
100m depth rating
£200                      £800

Specialist Audio

Zaxcom ZFR100
Miniture Recorder      1 B3 Countryman Mic
1 Micro SD Card          Batteries not Incl.
£20                      £80


Timecode system which clips onto the back of a GoPro4. Which can be sync'd to a master Timecode system, when used with the Mini Trx+.
£5                         £20
Mini Trx+
Tri-Level Sync Box. Genlock, Wordclock and Gen/Read Timecode. Perfect companion with SyncBacs to sync GoPro to a master Timecode.
£10                      £40


All crew supplied by Nanocam, are highly experience operators with years of experience in TV productions, with a drive and ambition to deliver unbridled quality to your production.
                                               Day                    Overtime

                                              £350                  £70
                                              12hr Day
                                              Working hours are Base to