Specialist Cameras

Nanocam is a specialist facilities company. We design and create miniature camera systems that can be built into or onto any moving object, whether it be a car, a fighter jet or a person.

We have a team of specialist camera operators who can install and operate the minicam systems on location including any audio that may need to be recorded negating the need for a sound recordist to install and operate the audio system, for example within a car. If necessary our operators can adapt the systems to any changing conditions while shooting on location.

With Our years of experience, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and technical skills to enable us to capture the shots from your imagination.

Underwater Cameras

Nanocam specialises in helping productions capture footage underwater.

We have an array of equipment which can be supplied with or without an operator to fit your production needs. Whether they to be in or out of the water we can facilitate your productions needs.

As well as numerous housings and polecams, we have underwater ROV’s which specialise in accessing those places which may be too difficult or problematic for divers to safely reach and film.

Specialist Audio

Nanocam has, from the beginning, set out not only to deliver the capture of high end images, but also in the recording of outstanding sound.

We are adept at capturing 3D sound, notably for VR, recording speech and FX in very loud environments, covert shoots and many more scenarios where conventional sound recordists may not have the tools, knowledge or experience to match the images captured.

With this mind we relish the challenge to find solutions to give your production a service and an end product second to none.